Poured It Out

I poured out the booze and here is where I pour out all the thoughts, feelings around life, motherhood, sobriety and making sense of it all one post at a time.

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Take Only What You Need But No Matter What Keep Going

Dear ~K, It has been quite a year! Too many days stuck inside and a life without our normal everyday movements. So much hatred and sadness, so many people hurting, struggling and suffering. It is a lot to take in everyday, often with no escape, and no place to go, like so many of us … Continue reading

Sitting in the reality of my silent sadness

…always wondering if it is me.  Am I the cause, the catalyst or creator of the silence and sadness that creeps in and settles in like a thick dense fog all around me.  It is still a mystery to me whether or not this is all my fault or if I am the creator of … Continue reading

The Ever Changing Tides Inside of Me

My emotions have always been all over the place, often too big and sometimes way too small.  I am often surprised how quickly they shift, as they go from really high to really low, in what at times, can feel like seconds and other times from day to day, without warning or cause.  I have … Continue reading

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